The audio industry is made up of people from many disciplines. Some designers love gear and yearn to try every new toy. Some work from a strictly technical or statistical standpoint-using computer technology to solve every aspect of every problem, some from a live-sound ‘the show must go on’ attitude, and some from a service based ‘whatever the customer wants’ perspective. The truth is, they’re all right. Technology is always moving forward, computers are bringing a wealth of flexibility to the audio world, some ‘fail-safe’ measures should be employed to make sure your system always works, and some of what a designer does is purely to make the customer happy. We’re problem solvers—so we bring all of these philosophies to bear when we approach a design.
Our company president embodies many disciplines as well; he has worked for manufacturers, professional sales organizations, retail stores and electrical component factories. He has also worked as a professional musician, composer, stage technician and various other jobs within the audio-visual industry. His passion for sound has driven him around the U.S. (and parts of Europe) in a perpetual search for the best audio components to build integrated systems that will allow your system to do its best work delivering your message.

*Integrity System receives award from Holy Name Cathedral for restoration work